PowerShell to move a hyper-v machine

I am a novice in the PowerShell.
I use VB Script.
So, I looked for a script about to move a hyper-v machine from one host to another.
I got several errors,

but I copy the links where I solved the problems.
http://www.realtime-vista.com/administration/2007/01/running_powershell_scripts.htm http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/resources/qanda/sept06/hey0926.mspx http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/topics/winpsh/manual/run.mspx http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/category/9335.aspx

Remove Office 2007 from a machine


It is a silly thing, but I need it.
I could't to remove the Windows xp, but I need to clean the Office 2007 installation.

So, I look for the Internet, and I got this link:
It works very well.
I cleaned the office 2007 from a Windows Server 2008 and everything was well.


Move VMM08 Virtual Server. Export and Import Hyper-V Machine.

Hi again

I have many VM in our infraestructure.
I can move the VM with VMM08 Server.
Note: See previous post. If I have the same hyper-v version I can move all machines. Otherwise, I can only move the stopped VM from one host to other.

But I had a problem.
My VMM08 is a VM in an hyper-v server.
I need to move it.

I tryed to moved with itself. Ofcourse I got an error because the server saved the state and give me an error. I knew it. But I did it to catch this error.

So, What is the solution?
The solution is very easy.
If you don't have VMM08, you need to use the Export and Import options in Hyper-V console.
Thus, you don't miss the NIC for example. If you set up a new machine with the .vhd file, the hyper-v server understand this machine like a new server. You need to set up the ip address and you need to activate the Windows again.

The Guy's Weblog explain everything very well:


Hyper-V and iSCSI drive. Change the driver letter.

Hi again
I have a hyper-v server with 3 drives for the VM.
the first drive is a Raid 5 local drive.
the second and third drives are in a EMC iSCSI SAN.
I have 5 VM in the second drive.
I need to change the letter to this driver (Don't ask me why, It is too long to explain ;-) )
I change the path letter in the VM options. For the snapshots and for the .vhd file.
I tryed to run the machine.
I failed .

I did waste time to study the error.
So I moved the VM with the VMM08 and I changed the drive letter from V: to U:


VMM08 and vmms.exe version

hi again
Following the previous post.
I updated the vmms.exe file, thus I moved the stopped VM, the running VM, the saved VM without problems.

Moving a running VM. (Yes, It is quick migration (Windows Server 2008), so the machine stops 10-12 pings). I will test this machine in a Windows Server 2008 R2 with Live Migration soon.

Moving a Stopped VM.

NOTE: If you update the hyper-v version (vmms.exe file), you must close the vmm08 console. After re-running the mmc console you must refresh the servers to get the new update. Otherwise you got the "unable to migrate..." error.


VMM08 and Unable to migrate

Hi again

We have an Hyper-V environment with 46 VM.
We have VMM08 to control them.

We try to move VM from a host to another an I got this error:

Unable to migrate the virtual machine sw2k8av because the version of virtualization software on the host sw2k8dtc01.cartv.int (6.0.6001.18125) does not match the version of virtualization software on the source host (6.0.6001.18221). To be migrated, the virtual machine must be stopped and should not contain any saved state

If you look for the vmms.exe in the c:\windows\system32 directory:

The vmms version is different.
The guilty?
The Microsoft update.
One machine had the update service up, the other one it had'nt.
So I need to update the both machines.

NOTE: I refresh the vmm08 mmc in the client. If you won't do it. The error continues, even you had upgrade both hyper-v servers.

You can read more information :(spanish link)


TS Web access and Microsoft Project 2007

hi everyone

If you need to test Microsoft Project 2007 in a TS Web access lab , there is a problem.

The Project 2007 says something like " The Microsoft Project 2007 doesnt run in a Terminal Server machine". You don't have a VLK .

I got a solution for the test lab.
If you have a VLK, you won't have any problem.
But if you haven't...

Run the installer and DO NOT PUT IN A SERIAL!
After Office is installed, DO NOT OPEN ANY OFFICE PROGRAM!!
Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office 12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en
Inside the folder, edit the xml file in notepad...
...find where it says:

and replace "AlwaysInstalled" with "neverinstalled" and save



Palo Alto Networks and Windows Server 2008. The perfect lab.

Hi everyone

My company was searching for an UTM. (Web filtering and anti-virus). But we need HA, Logs, Active Directory integration, Transparent mode, Layer 3 features also.

We tested Ironport, Finjan, Fortigate, Trendmicro virtual applicance over Hyper-V, PIneapp, Barracuda appliances. We read the features in the bluecoat, websense, F5, stonegate appliances also.

is this the best option?. (http://www.paloaltonetworks.com/, PaloAlto Networks).

Santos Pardos

MVP Award


I am a new Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2009.

MVP: Virtual Machine: Architecture

I would like to thanks to:
David Cervigon
Cristina Gonzalez
Paulo Jorge Valente
Emilio Paz

Santos Pardos


Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port or Hyper-V error. Antivirus Error

Did you have this error "Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port" ?
Did you have this error "Power On with Error 'The specified network resource or device is
no longer available."?
The antivirus software will be the problem
We have Trendmicro and I got it.!!
You can read this link
But , if you like some pictures. I stick some pictures about the solution with trendmicro.


Event Viewer in Windows 2008 and Hyper-V

Do you have Hyper-V errors?
You like to remove the red X simbol
Take a look to this event viewer section
Remove eveything that you need.
If you remove everything in the Hyper-V options.
You have a clean area in the Hyper-V area to start a new debug. (if you like it, or if you need it)

Integration Services and Keyboard in Hyper-V

Hi again

You know. The Integration Services Setup Disk (ISSD) in Hyper-V solves the problems with the keyboard and mouse. If you use RDP to control the machine, you had had them. isn´t it?

You can install everything in the Data Center, but , you will forget something.
So, When you install a new Windows 2003, XP etc, you can use the mouse before you install the Integration Services.

You can do:
a) If you use the ISSD, the windows lauchs a wizard, you can use the mouse then. The mouse focus is in the ISSD disk. You can finish the wizard and to restart the machine. The mouse will run well.d
b) You can maximize the RPD host server windows. You need to maximize the guest opertation system in Hyper-V (View-Full Scrren Mode ctrl+alt+del).Now you can use windows+e and you can see the explorer in the guest machine not in the host machine.


Hyper-V and Windows Fundamentals Legacy


Do you know WFL (Windows Fundamentals for Legacy) ?
We have one machine with that software
I moved this machine to Virtual.
I moved this machine to Hyper-V
I have 2 problems
I have a HAL problem, but with the Windows XP SP2 I solved the problem. The Hyper-V searched for a file to the NIC.
I have a problem with te NIC. The legacy NIC in Hyper-V runs well.
When I installed the Integration Services, everyting goes well.
The Integration Services runs well. (I had a little doubt about that)