802.1x, NAC or PaloAlto Firewall

We have Enterasys and Cisco Electronics networks appliances.
We were looking for a system to avoid rogue Netbooks and PCs in our network.
I know, the 802.1x is the best option.
We have the 802.1x for the wireless network in our company. Everything goes well.
For the cable network we didnt have any option because is difficult to integrate 802.1x in both systemas. We are a few technical people in the company.
I looked for anothe NAC solutions. For example NAC Sophos is a good solution.
But finally, we are thinking to change the UTM with authentication option .
The Fotigate, PaloAlto, Barracuda, Cisco, FinJan, etc appliances are the options.

Move SCVMM database


We have a SCVMM 08 in a VM.
We have the Database in a old serve. we need to move it to the new server.

I was searching to do it with a few steps.

I founded this link:
The steps:
1) Backup the database by going to Administrator Console, Administration Page, on right hand side select "Back up Virtual Machine Manager". This will create a SQL backup (.bak) file on your specified location.
2) Uninstall the server
3) Install the server and now point it to the new SQL server location in the install wizard.
4) This will create new database
5) Run scvmmrecover.exe to recover the data from SQL backup (.bak) file created above into the new database

There is a SCVMMrecover script aswell.

I am going to use the link. I will write my experience in the next post.



LeftHand Cluster


We are installing 2 cluster LeftHand SATA and SAS iSCSI SAN.

The support in Spain is poor. HP doesnt have partners in little cities for this iSCSI SAN.

We are goint to setup a VDI Infraestructure with the HP Blade C7000 and SAS Virtualization Lefthand Cluster.

A HP Lefthand consultant from Madrid help to setup the cluster.

Everything goes well.

Performance and others flaws, test options etc will be written here.


HP Blade and Windows Server 2008 R2


We are installing 2 HP Blades. One C3000 (little) and the big C7000.

I would like to test Windows Server 2008 R2.

HP SmartStart 8.5 only runs with Windows Server 2008 SP1.


I spoke with HP, and they dont like to help me. We are a little company and they only support final products.

My idea is to setup a VDI Hyper-V cluster.

I will write more about this VDI Infraestructure (The Infraestructure word is for Marta Marco).


How to boot/install Windows 7/Vista from USB Flash/Hard Drive

(To Diego Ferrer, who told me about to write something more often).

I always search for this procedure.

Click Start –> type CMD and right click Run as Admin
- Inside cmd, type and enter the followings:
type “list disk” and you will see all connected disks and numbers

select disk X (X being the number of the usb disk )
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32

MOre information :