SCVMM 08 VLAN ID migration error


I have 29 VM with Hyper-V.
I am changing some of them with SCVMM08 migrate option.
The source server doest have a trunk.
The target server has a trunk.
If I migrate a VM without Vlan id to another server without vlan id, I dont have any problem. The migrate wizard inside SCVMM07 runs well.
If I migrate a VM withou VLAN ID to another server with VLAN ID, I have a problem.
The VM migrate, but I need to assign the VLAN ID by hand.
Is there any option to do that with SCVMM08?

I dont know. ;-(

P2V migration. Physical to Hyper-V


the SCVMM08 has an option to convert a Phisical machine to a virtual machine.

Dont you have SCVMM08?

I liked this url:

Always I thought in that but with some changes.

It is a good solution, isnt it?

Santos Pardos


SCVMM Migration error

I need to move a VM with W2003.
I always got the same error.

I think, the problem is because is a legacy Virtual Server 2005 VM
I put the machine by hand from VS2005 to Hyper-V moving the files.
I need to move the VM from Hyper-V 01 to Hyper-V 02 but I have this error.

Probably, I will move the vhd file and I recreate the server.
But, I will need to activate de windows again arrrrggggg!!!!! or not. W2008 ask me for activation. Will I activate the w2003 again? or not?
I will see...


Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port error.


I have a DL380G5, 22G, 80G HDD.

I have Hyper-V with some VMs.

I have a lot of problems:

a) I switch on the VM. I got this error: Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port error.

b) I stop the Hyper-V service. All VMs configured disapared.
c) The VM never switch on.

My first thought was the Hyper-V version.
I got the last version with all updates.

Finally. The problem was the TrendMicro Antivirus.
I uninstalled it, all everythig goes well.
I think, It occurs with all antivirus.


Migration SCVMM 08, Hyper-V, AMD and Intel error

I have 30 VM.
One host is a SUN X4100 with AMD CPU. Yes yes, a SUN machine for Windows!!!!!!!.
Another machine is a HP DL380G5 with Intel.
I need to migrate one VM from one host to other.
I got this error.
ATTENTION: Unable to migrate the virtual machine XXXX because the processor is not compatible with the host XXXXX.
I did the migration by hand. I copied the .vhd file and I recreate the VM.
But, this procedure has a problem. You need validate W2008 again through the Internet.

I got another problem. The Hyper-V versión was different.
I looked through the internet de KB to migrate from 18016 to 18125 version. After this upgrade I did some VM migration without problems.