Migration SCVMM 08, Hyper-V, AMD and Intel error

I have 30 VM.
One host is a SUN X4100 with AMD CPU. Yes yes, a SUN machine for Windows!!!!!!!.
Another machine is a HP DL380G5 with Intel.
I need to migrate one VM from one host to other.
I got this error.
ATTENTION: Unable to migrate the virtual machine XXXX because the processor is not compatible with the host XXXXX.
I did the migration by hand. I copied the .vhd file and I recreate the VM.
But, this procedure has a problem. You need validate W2008 again through the Internet.

I got another problem. The Hyper-V versión was different.
I looked through the internet de KB to migrate from 18016 to 18125 version. After this upgrade I did some VM migration without problems.


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