Windows 2008 R2 Beta and Windows 7 Beta. Part II


If you dont have MSDN or Technet subscription.

Windows 7 beta


Windows 2008 R2 Beta


I tested them in Hyper-V and Host machine and my tablet PC.

I will write something about Windows 2008 R2 Beta. Many things to discover. There are many links about general information. My news will be about my W2008 Lab.
About Windows 7. Mi tablet PC runs well. I need some drivers from HP website to install all devices.

The first impresion is good for boths.


Office Live WorkSpace, Microsoft Live Sync, Microsoft SharedView, Microsoft Live, Microsoft SongsSmith

How many things have Microsoft?

Many tools that people doesn´t know.

I like the new ones.

a) Microsoft Live. New package 130M. Ufff a little big.


New Writer, Mail, Messenger, Movie Maker, Sync, Writer

Althoug, I installed Live Sync with another installer file.


Live Sync. Get control of yours PC. Like gotomypc, logmein, teamviewer etc.

Microsoft SharedView:


In the scholl. Show your PC another people with a link.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace:

is this cloud computing for Microsoft for home users?

I like it


You need a setup.exe to add a plug-in in Office 2007 and connect with your Live Workspace directely.


Microsoft Songssmith


(It is better that you open the link ;-) )


I like google. I write this post in blogger.com (google). I use gmail. But, sometimes Microsoft has tools for home very good.