Windows 7, too many versions

You need to add Enterprise version

I think, Microsoft will do the same error as Windows Vista.

Two versions will be right. One versíon for home, another for company.

I suppose, Nobody in Microsoft will read this post. ;-(
Nobody in Microsoft will follow my advise, ;-(



SCVMM 08 console error


I try to start the SCVMM but it doesnt work.
I am thinking about something, but SCVMM doesnt give me any id error, or another information.

What happens?

My SQL server was down. The databse was there. SCVMM dont advise me.

I start the SQL server, and the SCVMM rus well.

If my SQL was destroy, you need to do:

1) Backup the database by going to Administrator Console, Administration Page, on right hand side select "Back up Virtual Machine Manager". This will create a SQL backup (.bak) file on your specified location.
2) Uninstall the server
3) Install the server and now point it to the new SQL server location in the install wizard.
4) This will create new database
5) Run scvmmrecover.exe to recover the data from SQL backup (.bak) file created above into the new database.

-Backup the database.-Uninstall SCVMM using the "Retain Data" option-Restore Database to new SQL Install.-Reinstall SCVMM using an Existing Database option.