Virtual Machine Manager 08 R2 and Citrix XenDesktop.

I have VMM08 with Citrix XenDesktop.
Yes, We have in our company this infraestructure. There is a few around the world ;-).
I migrated VMM08 to VMM08 R2 , so CitrixXendestop was down.
I upgrade the VMM08 R2 agent.
I reboot the CitrixXenDesktop Server
I reconfigured the options in the farm (view picture).
And everything starts to run again.


Virtual Machine Manager 08 R2 , Hyper-V 1 Cluster error

It is so funny (or sad).
I testing Virtual Machine Manager 08 R2. VMM08 R2.
I migrated without problem, but the hyper-V 1 cluster (Windows Server 2008) give me this error:
That is, because I have 3 VM in the cluster to do quick migration.
The Hyper-V 2 cluster (Windows Serve 2008 R2) runs well inside VMM08.
It is weird that a new product dont support the first cluster version for VM.
This is a negative point for VMM08 R2.