Integration Services and Keyboard in Hyper-V

Hi again

You know. The Integration Services Setup Disk (ISSD) in Hyper-V solves the problems with the keyboard and mouse. If you use RDP to control the machine, you had had them. isn´t it?

You can install everything in the Data Center, but , you will forget something.
So, When you install a new Windows 2003, XP etc, you can use the mouse before you install the Integration Services.

You can do:
a) If you use the ISSD, the windows lauchs a wizard, you can use the mouse then. The mouse focus is in the ISSD disk. You can finish the wizard and to restart the machine. The mouse will run well.d
b) You can maximize the RPD host server windows. You need to maximize the guest opertation system in Hyper-V (View-Full Scrren Mode ctrl+alt+del).Now you can use windows+e and you can see the explorer in the guest machine not in the host machine.


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