Move VMM08 Virtual Server. Export and Import Hyper-V Machine.

Hi again

I have many VM in our infraestructure.
I can move the VM with VMM08 Server.
Note: See previous post. If I have the same hyper-v version I can move all machines. Otherwise, I can only move the stopped VM from one host to other.

But I had a problem.
My VMM08 is a VM in an hyper-v server.
I need to move it.

I tryed to moved with itself. Ofcourse I got an error because the server saved the state and give me an error. I knew it. But I did it to catch this error.

So, What is the solution?
The solution is very easy.
If you don't have VMM08, you need to use the Export and Import options in Hyper-V console.
Thus, you don't miss the NIC for example. If you set up a new machine with the .vhd file, the hyper-v server understand this machine like a new server. You need to set up the ip address and you need to activate the Windows again.

The Guy's Weblog explain everything very well:


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