SCVMM 08 DC migration and IP error


I have a Domain Controller in a Hyper-V machine.
I migrated a VM to another Hyper-V.
If I migrate a server machine (2k3, ó 2k8), I dont have any problem.
I have problems if I use Vlans. (see http://santospardos.blogspot.com/2009/01/scvmm08-vlan-id-migration-error.html).

I migrated the DC (Domain Controller), I got an error.
The DC was a lab. ufffffff.
I had to remove the NIC and to put the NIC again.
In a server machine, I dont have fear.
Ufff, To do that in a DC.

I put the NIC in the Hyper-V optiosn.
I run the VM again and the domain lab rus well. But It is a lab.

Can I do the same in the production domain?

Anyone , any hep.


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