Hyper-V machine with Netapp iSCSI and Equallogic iSCSI.

I have 2 iSCSI SANS.
I have a hosts server with LUNS from both iSCSI SAN
I use the microsoft iScSI Iniciator.

I have 2 VM in Hyper-V in the LUNs.

The Equallogic iSCSI has the LUNs to connect when the server reboot. (iscsi options)
In the Netapp iSCSI is off the option.

When I reboot the machine, the server doesnt connect with the iSCSI. No Equallogic LUNs, no Netapp LUNs. So, the VM in the LUNs disappared.

I need to force the option "reconnect to reboot" in both conecctions to solve the problem.


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Josh Townsend said...

Check MS KB 870964 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/870964) for information on how to fix this.