APP-V. Error 25109. Data Store error


I got these error

If you install the product several times over the same sQL server.

You need to delete de DB (APPVIRT) and the login user (with the computer name)

Now, you can install the product without problems.


(see this post)

We ran into this today on and found a way around it. We think this was the cause of the problem: 

We had previously had a 4.5 server, running in a VM, that we trashed - removed from domain - deleted....

We built a new VM but used the same name as the original server.

Every attempt to install the 4.5 Management Server on this new VM failed with the 25109 error.

We got it to work after finding that the SQL server had retained the machine account for the original server (which was the server name with a $ appended to it) - remember this was the same name as the new server. There must be a GUID or SID associated with the old machine. I'm not a SQL guru, so maybe someone can confirm this.

After we deleted the referneces to this machine name from the SQL server and tried installing the Management Server on our server VM, everything worked perfectly.

Has anyone else seen this before?






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