Enterprise Architecture Definitions


I would like to share some Enterprise Architecture Definitios (EA).

The purpose of EA is to identify and describe the enterprise-story, and help enhance effectiveness to keep the organisation 'on track' to that story.

(Tom Graves)

EA provides Technology roadmap align with Business objectives and service mapping;
Information, data warehouse, platforms, and business process tools.

(Sami Sheikh)

Zero and One.
The rest are derivatives.

(Grant Morgan Czerepak)

EA is the de-risking window on business decisions. (K V Ramesh)

Organize an enterprise to efficiently accomplish it’s mission and provide a roadmap showing where it is headed and how it will get there. (Mark REynolds)

You are not building a box (structure); you are building a system (architecture) - a system for more effectively planning and coordinating enterprise initiatives. (Kirk Rheinlander)

Purpose of EA is to define principles, standards, framework that enables IT to be agile to enterprise goals & its customer needs (Mohandas Shenoy)

Organize business processes and supporting IT assets(app and infra) to support business objectives (both current and evolving) by providing secure and timely delivery of information to contributing stakeholders.(Aljo Johnson)

The ability to identify and prioritize the changes/projects required to achieve the business to-be model from the current as-is business model.

(Greg Jones)

EA is about maintaining a map of where the IT org is and where we are headed. The chosen path is selected by combining business strategy, IT strategy and IT capabilities. (Randall Roberts)

To make change relevant and better! (Hugh Faulkner)

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