Windows 2008 Cluster. Blade, HA and so on

I have a discussion
I have 2 chassis blade.
The main chassi has a Hyper-V R2 Cluster. I have a SQL08 Cluster in VM.
In the second chassis, I installed a Node3.
If the first chassis fail, I have another chassis with one node.
But , he we are the problem
I have Node and File Share Witness for the cluster.
I have a notice about the cofiguration when I introduced the Node 3.
WICH is the best option?
The first option is not enough. If the first chassis is down. I only have the Node 3.
The last option is a solution, but It is not recommended.
Did Microsoft think in this problem?
I have VM for the cluster, but the Quorum options are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

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