Hyper-V Performance, Hyper-V Cluster , Virtual Cluster and Iometer

I like this spanish post:

This post speak about Host Clustering and Guest Clustering with Microsoft Hyper-V and Windows 2008.
I did a firts test with Iometer to test disk performance with the Equallogic iSCSI V.2.
I disable DEP for Iometer.

I didnt upload any picture about Iometer because I hope you know this piece of software. ;-)

I configured iSCSI options in the Equallogic iSCSI SAN and the Windows 2008 .
I did installed any software from Equallogic (Dell). I used the Windows 2008 options.
I configured 3 LUNs. I will use only one for the test.

I did the performance test with Iometer in a physical machine.

I started the lab with 1 DC, and 2 servers in Hyper-V.
I configured iSCSI options in the VM server. The configuration is the same. In this virtual machine I configured only one LUN.

I did the performance test with Iometer again.

NOTE: This picture is the performance window from iSCSI Equallogic SAN. I need to study the logs from Iometer ;-).

The iSCIS performance is very similar with the host machine and the Hyper-V machine.
Maybe 6-7% less of performance. I will read the results in detail.

The idea is to set up a lab with Exchange 2007. One lab with physical machines. Another with virtual (Hyper-V) machines.
In this lab , I will run LoadGen (Exchange Stress Tool).

PS: I will speak with the Storage Dell Consultant to understant the results. ;-)


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