Windows 2008, Hyper-V, Quick Migration, Equallogic.

We are testing an iSCSI SAN, Hyper-V, Exchange 2007, Windows 2008 ... to set up new infraestructures in my company. (CARTV http://www.cartv.es/).
We have tested Windows 2008 with Hyper-V, Quick Migration in a Equallogic PS iSCSI SAN.
Our LAB:
2 PC Desktops HP 5800 (We dont have 2 servers for our LAB ;-( . Both servers are a Windows 2008 clusters. SW2KLAB01 (node 1), sW2K8LAB02 (node 2). Both with Hyper-V role. Both nodes have 2 LUNs from iSCSI Equallogic 10G and 500G.
1 DC. Domain controler SW2K8LABDC01. It is a VM in node 1.
1 Windows 2008 like a NPS role. It is a VM in node 1 too. (SW2K8LAB03)

First test: I would like to probe the new Windows 2008 cluster, with Q disk (quorum) and the share resource (without Q disk). Both tests were well.

Second Test: Quick Migration. I clustered the VM service in node 1 and node2.
I moved SW2K8LAB03 from one node to another.
I only lost 6 pings.
VMware loses 2 ping with V-motion?
How many will Microsoft lose with Live Migration in Windows 2008 R2 ?

My Hyper-V configuration in NOde 1

My Windows 2008 cluster

My CMD window while I did the movement between Node 1 and Node 2 with SW2K8LAB03 (NPS server role).

Thanks to RAXON and Dell (David Pascual) for the Equallogic PS iSCSI SAN and your help.

PS: Performance test with 2 desktops as a Windows 2008 servers. My NICs dont have TOE, so probably I will improve my performance with 2 new servers.
PSS: The pictures are in Spanish. My lab is Spanish Servers. (and my English is not good ;-) ).

PSSS: Any questions? I will answer by email or in a comment in this blog ;-).

I will do more test ....

Santos Pardos

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